04 February, 2008

Lots of problems with CWOP feed into APRS

On 19/1/08 I was prevented from uploading to the APRS server network, on the 21st I found out why. I was sending data at one minute intervals, whilst this makes a nice graph which captures wind gusts, it (along with a large number of other stations) creates too large a load on the servers. There was an announcement on 16/1 which I missed.


The proper answer to this is to change the way some software uploads (FreeWX, which I use, is OK), in order to load balance and avoid many stations trying to upload at exactly the same time on the minute boundary. The short term solution is to increase the upload interval.

I am now using cwop.aprs.net and have reduced my upload rate in line with the recommendations and am back on line.


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